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Hotel Neri ****
  • · Association: Individual
  • · Area: Catering, entertainment and shows
  • · Category: Hotels
  • · Address:
    Sant Sever, 5
    08002 Barcelona
    Tel. 93 304 06 55
  • · Contact: Tel. 93 304 06 55
· Description:

Hotel Neri, located in the heart of Barcelona's Gothic quarter, combines echoes of history with a sophisticated and contemporary style. Boutique Hotel with 22 exclusive rooms and a gastronomic restaurant offering a treat for the five senses. Sensual and unique
The hotel was built by joining two buildings, a magnificent Medieval palace and a stone building that was partially destroyed during the Civil War and renovated in 1958 by Adolf Florensa, with a stunning façade looking onto the Plaza Sant Felip Neri and a 12th century stone wall, perfectly visible today, separating the restaurant area from the lounge bar.
During the renovation of the hotel, under the two buildings, a Roman site was found, which was documented by a team of archaeologists, and remains of Phoenician ceramics which were handed over to National Heritage

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