Llimonades 2013

Llimonades 2013

Place: Pati Llimona
From date: 26/06/2013
To date: 19/06/2013

On June 26, the Civic Center Pati Llimona will kick out a new edition of "lemonades"

It is a cycle that wants to brighten the evenings of summer with a series of cultural activities at the Centre Civic and various parts of the Gothic Quarter, including exhibits, cinema screenings, workshops or Night walks.

Friday June 28, for example, there will be an evening dedicated to topics short. It screened works by students of the workshop Social Documentary Civic Center, and also a selection of Dr. Mabuse films festivals and Skepta.

On Friday and on July 17de, you can do a walk around the neighborhood, with the theme of the imprint left by women, artists, doctors, bourgeois or revolutionary, the Gothic Quarter and the whole of Barcelona.

The more adventurous can go on stage on July 11 and express themselves freely in an open mic session.

Throughout the month of July, there will also be workshops on disciplines as diverse as printing, African dance, poetry or travel article.

The official closure of Llimonades be held on July 19, with a musical walk through neighborhood groups Ol'Bama Blues, Anicet and Marcelo Xandele and concerts from the balconies of buildings.